Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Comcast, You can suck it!

As much as I love the convenience and speed of high speed internet via cable, I hate having to deal with Comcast. About a year ago, we had this exact same problem where our internet connection comes and goes all day. On for 5 minutes, off for 10, on for an hour, off for 2. We had Comcast come out twice and both times they found nothing wrong on the inside. And of course, while they're here, the internet stays on the entire time. Of course. It's just Murphy's Law. We tell them that we've heard on our HOA membership board that a few other people are having the same problem. Still they say, it's probably something in your house. Then magically, the problem corrects itself.

Well, it's happening again and here we are at step one...AGAIN. We have a cable guy coming out on Sunday morning (7-9am window). At least it's a short AND early window, but I know what the diagnosis will be. The cable will be on and there will be nothing on in the house so they'll tell us to call if we continue having problems. La de da. Thanks a lot.

And they wonder why I would never in a million years sign up for their digital voice. Um maybe because your internet connection is so shotty???? And I hate the fact that other than DSL (no way!) there is no other option around here right now. Don't you just love monopolies?


Katie said...

We've had similar problems with them.
We may switch to the Verizon FIOS which was just installed.

Anonymous said...

So you can't get Verizon in your area? That's a bummer! At least that way you'd have an option.

~ V