Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bryce's Allergy Cocktail

Thank goodness the allergist fit us in! He was so sympathetic - he came out into the waiting room, as he always does between patients, took one look at Bryce and said, "That Zyrtec is NOT doing the job - I'm glad you brought him in." Poor Bryce, his nose is runny, his eyes are itchy, he coughs, and his eyes are red and puffy. He did an exam and found his nose was completely blocked (no surprise) and all his membranes are swollen. So tonight we started Bryce's allergy cocktail. Every night he'll take Zyrtec and Nasonex and then in the mornings he'll take Singulair. But because he's so bad right now, Dr. S wanted to calm things down more quickly and has him on a 2-3 day course of prednisone. I was a little bit wary of it, but he said it would take a while for the medications to kick in since he was so irritated and this would really help him - particularly since he's sleeping so poorly. He said it's okay to take it from time to time for short courses like this and since Bryce hasn't had any since he was 4 months old, that this is defintely fine.

And wouldn't you know it, he's upstairs sleeping and has not woken up since we put him down. I haven't been able to say that for the past 3 weeks. Of course our A/C is on too and that helps him as well, but it wasn't doing enough. So we'll do these meds for a while and see - I guess as he gets older, allergy shots become more of an option.

And aside from Dr. S taking such good care of Bryce, he just couldn't get over how pleasant and smart Bryce was. He kept commenting on how well behaved he was and how good his language is. It's funny because Caroline was such an early talker that I always worry a little about Bryce - but it seems like he's doing even better than we thought. So nice to hear! I'm so proud of my little boy - he's just the sweetest little thing ever. I'm such a lucky mom to have such amazing children!

So with that, I go to bed and plan to sleep ALL NIGHT!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Bryce, but I am glad to hear that the doctor got him "fixed" up. Hope you all had a wonderful nights sleep...