Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Reason to Hate Comcast

Well our supposed tech appointment with Comcast yesterday morning in the 7-9am window never happened. At 9am, I called and guess what, there was NO RECORD of my appointment. (The same thing happened last year too.) Whoever the MORON was that I spoke with the other night had no idea how to schedule an appointment. There was a record of my call and reporting my internet service was down, but no appointment. Thanks Comcast, thanks. So I bitched a while and got transferred to a supervisor - and guess what, they can't even come out to my house until THURSDAY. Well, no that's not completely correct, they could come out Wednesday morning but if they think I'm going to take off work to wait around for them to supposedly show up, they've got another thing coming. I also made sure that they reported the MORON that had an inability to make a real appointment since she seemed somewhat stupid when I was on the phone with her and I should have trusted my gut and confirmed the appointment with someone else.

Then we get home from being out all day and find that On Demand isn't working AND the service keeps going out about every 10 seconds. Lovely. Freaking lovely. So it's clearly something wrong with the service externally (like I predicted). I called again and bitched and made sure it was added to my service ticket.

And they wonder why I'd NEVER in a million years use their VOIP service. If I went with them, I'd never have a land line that worked. And a few people have asked why we stay with them if we hate them so much - well, here's the simple answer. Right here where we live, there is no other high speed internet option. So basically we're getting taken advantage of by a monopoly b/c we're left w/o a choice.

So in my few minutes where my internet is actually working (it was down last night and all morning), I'm going to vent about how pissed off I am. Sorry to take out my angst on my poor blog readers.

(Guess who lost her signal mid-post and had to save it and come back later to post this?)

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Katie said...

That sucks. Go ahead and vent girlfriend. I'm an email/internet junkie and I get so mad when it doesn't work. Hope you guys have a fun day-- p.s. Emily has the same bathing suit as Caroline!