Sunday, May 20, 2007

All She Wants to Do is Type, Type, Type

Seriously, Caroline, Jay and I have been having computer fights all weekend. Caroline is asking to "type" all the time now and doesn't care if Mommy or Daddy need to use the computer for legitimate reasons. (Meal planning, grocery list, paying bills....) Nope, she wants to type. And what's worse is that when she's typing she's constantly pushing the function keys (F 1-12) and then often Ctrl and a letter and turning on all kinds of weird functions in MSWord. Driving me buggy. Finally, when she figured out how to "print screen" and pasted it into her word doc (Um, I didn't know how to do that until about 3 years ago.) I put a stop to it. I guess it was just a matter of time. Jay says maybe it's time to get the old PC out of the basement for "typing" time.


Christine said...

Haha- Caroline is ready for her own computer! Man, is she quick!!!! Will she get all the super-duper firewalls from Jay too?

Anonymous said...

I think Kenzie is just behind Caroline! Everytime I get on the computer she wants to sit on my lap and "type" - she loves the sound the keys make! And when I get up and go to the other side of the basement she runs to the desk to climb up on the computer chair so she can "type" some more. It used to be easier to get work done while she was little and didn't care about the kayboard so much...... I guess I should be happy since my consulting job is almost done and it seems like my little girl will fit in just fine with the computer-generation she'll be living in!

~ Viv

Katie said...

Emily is always nagging us to type letters.