Monday, April 02, 2007

Why won't she sleep?

Caroline has always been a kid that seems to have a hard time settling down and going to sleep. She's notorious for taking forever to go to sleep and often not taking naps b/c she's more interested in singing/reading/dancing/exploring. But I feel like she's hit an all time high recently. Two nights in a row last week, she did not go to sleep until around 10pm even though we put her to bed around 8pm. But on both those days, she did get up at her normal 6:30ish time. On Tuesday last week she got up on her own at 4:45am just because I think she heard Jason (who is very quiet). So last night we put her to bed at 8pm and at 10:30 when I turned off the TV in my room and was going to sleep, why did I still hear her running around? And then guess who was up at 4:30 this morning RUNNING around??? Completely unphased by only getting 6 hours of sleep. She was a little grumpy as we were getting dressed, but she has a nasty cold right now too, so I'm sure that isn't helping her in the sleep department either. I'd say it's just the cold, but I know it's not. She just is too afraid of sleeping for missing out on something. I'm seriously thinking I'm going to take ALL of her books out of her room tonight. (That's a LOT of books.) They are one source of distraction for her and I did notice a small improvement when we took the CD player out a few months ago. But honestly, I don't want to take them out. More for the fact that there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many and I guess I'll just have to put them in a basket or box. But she can't handle having them in there. Of course, knowing Caroline, she'll probably just find something else to do. I've started taking away her stuffed animal friends too b/c she plays with them so much too. And people wonder why I'd never let my kids have a TV in their room. Caroline can entertain herself with tissues and shoes, so a TV is hardly a distraction she needs. She makes me tired just thinking about how little sleep she gets sometimes. I thought pre-schoolers needed 11 hours of sleep at night? I'm lucky if she gets 9 most nights. I guess life is too interesting to spend it sleeping. (Thank goodness Bryce seems to be a natural born sleeper!) Of course it sucks to be Bryce if your sister seems to think that waking you up at 7am on a weekend morning is fun. Remind me to put those child safety handles back on his door this weekend.

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Katie said...

I used to babysit for a little girl who was exactly like Caroline in the sleeping department. Little Elissa would never go to sleep on time. She would stay up for hours and hours reading or dancing or just playing pretend. I have no idea how she did in the mornings though. Maybe Caroline will be one of those people who doesn't need any sleep? As an adult, I'm jealous of those people.