Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's the deal?

I don't know if it's still there, but it's been there for a few days - the Google ad to the right of my post has recently been showing an add for an "Are you gay?" quiz. WTH? I don't want to click on it for fear it's some homophobic/anti-gay site that either tries to convert people who qualify as gay b/c of the results of some test. Although they get charged when people click on their link, so maybe if it is a hate type site, we should all click it. But then, do we want them to think it's popular? Hardly.......

Can you honestly imagine taking that test b/c you're not sure? I hardly think so. I never had to take a test to determine if I was hetero. How weird. And what's weirder, I thought those Google ads were supposed to be drawing off the content of your blog entries......I don't recall any recent entries regarding gay rights, questioning my sexuality, or supporting gay marriage. So why the "Are you gay?" quiz ad? Google? Are you there?

ETA: Crap, now it's gone. I guess my blog entry made it go away. They were SCARED of me.

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volleygirl said...

Hey Erika,
I see the ad, although I hadn't noticed it before.