Thursday, April 26, 2007

That's right folks, it's time for movie reviews...

I don't get to see movies that often - and we rarely see them in the theatre, but thanks to On Demand I do get to see some movies that aren't too old. So here are some recent ones I've seen...

Borat - Honestly, I didn't have much desire to see this one given all the hype and it's huge following younger adults. I didn't like all of the racial slurs I always heard the character of Borat spouting even though I knew it was an act. But, one Saturday evening, we were looking for something to watch and I'd heard that a particular scene in it was hilarious and it was only like 90 minutes, so we gave it a go. Overall, it was just okay. It kind of dragged and the story was lame, but there were certain parts that were laugh out loud (for a long time) funny. The naked fight scene in particular. OMG, we were laughing so hard, I can't believe we didn't wake the kids. And there were a few others too. I guess I just don't like the deception that the whole film is based on in that people really think they are meeting with a foreign diplomat. To me, that wasn't that funny. I don't think I'd watch it again, but I'm glad I watched it so I know what the hype was supposedly about.

The Lake House - this film got really bad reviews when it came out but since it was free on HBO on demand and Jason was already passed out on the couch, I decided to check it out. And you know what, I REALLY liked it. However, you have to know, I'm a sucker for time travel/lapse movies. I don't know why, I just like that stuff. Of course, the logical person that I am then has to over analyze them and figure out loopholes in the story regarding the time travel, but I don't think you're supposed to think that hard about it and just get swept up in the romance of it all. I liked the whole framework of the story and the way it ended, so it was good just to escape to this other world for a while.

Talladega Nights - I know, I know, this is old. But we just watched it recently and I've always liked that Will Ferrell! I thought it was done really well in that it poked fun at the Nascar culture and of course Will Ferrell is always great. My favorite part though is how the grandmother "breaks" the grandsons - totally made me laugh. Even if we did laugh hysterically at the crazy things that they said in the beginning of the film when they were allowed to say/do whatever they wanted. Now I want to see his new film, Blades of Glory.

So this ends my film review. What should I watch next?

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Katie said...

Borat is in my future. L really wants to see that one.

I just saw Adaptation (Meryl Streep & Nick Cage). It was different, but I really liked it--makes you discuss afterwards.

We also saw Kingdom of Heaven (about the fall of Jerusalem during Holy Wars)-- starring Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom. That was gory. I didn't like it, but L did.

L owes me a romantic comedy!