Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank You Wiggles!

Bryce has had a very difficult morning the past few days thanks to the nasty allergy season we're having. (And btw, I'm convinced they are allergies b/c even though I'm taking my meds, they aren't alleviating them 100%, so I think that is what his problem is given we know he's ultra sensitive to allergens.) He usually wakes up crying and is sooooooooo stuffy. Poor baby. I can't even put him down and that obviously makes it much harder to get ready in the mornings. But the past 2 days I found that if I let him watch the Wiggles, he cheers right up. This morning I put them on and he started clapping and smiling and really enjoyed it when momma danced along with Greg and crew to do "The Twist." I don't know what it is about those guys, but Bryce loves them. He walks around the house singing "Toot toot, caaaaaaar!" Thanks to them, I am able to get out of the house on time with much less crying.

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