Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OY! The pollen..

Yes, I love the spring weather, but man, this pollen is tough. Even poor Caroline is a sneezy wheezy these days. She's never really succumbed to seasonal allergies before, or any allergies actually. But I think this season has hit her hard. So I gave her Claritin this morning to see if we could avoid having to get her an Rx. Cathy said she hasn't been sneezing at all, so it seems she'll do well on it and I'll have to get more at the store today. And poor Brycey - I can't tell if it's allergies or a cold (again!). He's had his Zyrtec every night, but he was still a bit stuffy last night and kept waking up crying and was a bear this morning on top of being REALLY stuffed up. So I'm thinking maybe it's not just allergies. Poor kid. But he perked up a bit and I'm hoping that if this is a cold, we don't end up with another ear infection.

Then there's me - I woke up w/ a sinus headache which is usually one of my allergy symptoms. I'm pretty good about taking my singulair, but forgot yesterday - hence the headache. But for once, Jason has been taking his meds and hasn't had too much of a problem.

I know it's bad because last night Jay noticed that the glass top table on the deck had a fairly thick coating of pollen on it. Yum. And he said that the night before Bryce had been leaning over the table and putting his mouth on it. Nice. So maybe this is just a bad allergy day for him. Poor kiddo.


Anonymous said...

They say that this year will be really bad since we had a mild winter. They also say that people who never had problems before will have problems due to the mild winter. Fun huh?

And I know what you mean about the deck stuff - I just washed my off this morning so Kenz & I could have lunch out there today and I swear it's already covered again!

~ Viv

Erika said...

They say it was a mild winter?? If that was a mild winter, I'd hate to see a bad one. I distinctly remember freezing my ass off for the entire month of February. Meteorologists be damned! ;)

Damn global warming!

Anonymous said...

"They say" a lot of things don't they?

~ Viv

bracken said...

You haven't seen any pollen until you are in GA! Last month the pollen count was up in the 5000 and it is reported that a high level is considered way under 1000 so this was extreme. Literally the ground was greenish yellow!

SommerNyte said...

Hey, your Google ad was about allergy symptoms! LOL