Monday, April 16, 2007

My Cutie Pie

Well first of all, I have to announce that this weekend we officially broke Bryce's growing pacifier habit. I was dreading it since he seemed so attached to it and was always trying to climb into his crib because that is where we kept it. But I decided, it was causing more problems than it was worth because he would often throw it out on purpose and then cry for it and he was a beast when he was waking up with it too. I was also tired of always going somewhere where he'd need to take a nap and then we'd have forgotten it. Sooooooo, Friday night - no paci. He went down well for Jay and woke up a little while later crying (thanks to a noisy sister) and Jay got him back to sleep. But he woke up again at 11pm and even after I rocked him for 20 minutes, as soon as I laid him back down he started screaming. Great, a long night ahead of us. But Jay came up and does this magic harsh SHUSHING thing and every time Bryce would start crying, Jay would shush him and he'd stop. Finally, Bryce gave up and slept the rest of the night. After that, we've had NO problems. He's asked for it a few times, but didn't even make a big deal out of it. HOORAY! No more paci for Bryce!

So he's had a big weekend and I can't help but comment on how completely adorable he's been lately. He's still not truly talking a lot (says a lot of the same words over and over) but nothing really conversational, but he's really starting to try more. We've been calling him Dr. Bryce because his latest interest is in finding everyone's boo boos. He checks them regularly throughout the day and then has to show you his. (He doesn't have very many, but the ones he does have he keeps scratching open, I think in attempt to prolong them???) And then last night I was putting him to bed and after reading him a book we were sitting there in the fading daylight and he just sat on my lap and looked right at me and just kind of started talking. Nothing I could totally understand, but it seemed very soulful. He just looked so deep into my eyes and I couldn't help but to give him so many hugs and kisses. His little voice is just so sweet right now and he has the most kissable cheeks. He's just the cutest little boy and I love him so much.

The other thing that he's been cracking me up about this weekend is how he'll call for Caroline, "Ca-ca!" and if she doesn't answer after a few calls he resorts to, "DASH!" Yep, that's right, my son has started calling his sister by one of her characters. He even answers to Jack-Jack now. I think we watched The Incredibles too much this weekend. Caroline has even been throwing out some odd quotes lately, "It's in your blood, Violet." "Don't Bernie me!" and "It's time to engage!" Good heavens!

Finally it's April 16 and you know what that means? No, not nice weather (seriously, folks, what's the deal?) It means it's Jason's 31st birthday! Sooooooo..................

Happy Birthday Jason!

Prezzies and Chocolate/Peanut butter pie tonight!! Caroline says she's going to help him blow out his candles because she knows there's going to be a LOT of them.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Jay! My Jay turns 31 in about 2 weeks!

~ Viv