Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Little Terps!

On Saturday, we took the kids to the University of Maryland's annual "Explore Our World" day. We go down a lot in the fall for football games, but we'd never taken the kids down to our beloved alma mater. We made it there by 10am and it was just a lovely day. Not too hot, not too sunny - just right.

We walked around the mall and I got to show Caroline where my name was engraved on the fountain. (Members of Omicron Delta Kappa - the leadership honor society - all have their names engraved the year they are inducted.) She got VERY excited when I showed her that. Then we did some more walking. I showed her Key Hall where I had most of my classes as a history major. We also showed them a few of the residence halls were we lived too. Caroline said that the next time we go to Maryland, she wants to stay. I'm not quite sure what that means, but maybe it's because we told her that we lived there when we went to school.

Then we took the kids to meet Testudo - the University of Maryland's mascot who sits and looks down over the mall in front of McKeldin library. Both kids got to sit on him and rub his nose. Caroline said though, that her favorite part of the day was meeting the "real" Testudo and giving him a high five. Unfortunately, the "real" Testudo didn't hang around long and when we finally got the camera out, he already had a long line of people waiting to get their picture with him. But that was okay with Caroline because she said she'd see him next year and give him a big hug.

So we left the mall and went to explore the Student Union. Neither Jay nor I had been there since the renovation and we were amazed at how different it looked. We spent a little while in the ballroom where they had a kids carnival and Caroline got to do some artwork and get a Curious George tattoo. Then we had some lunch and made our way back to the car. I even saw my friend Heather, who I had been friends with back during freshman year when we seemed to haunt Ellicott 8 together.

All in all, a good Terrapin day! Fear the Turtle!


Heather said...

Great to see you Erika!!

Amy said...

So jealous of you both! It makes my heart hurt to see your kids on Testudo and remember how long ago that was that we'd rub his nose...I feel old all of the sudden.

Erika said...

Amy, you'll have a little Terp to take to campus soon too!!

Heather - I loved seeing you and your husband up on that ball! :)