Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That stupid "Are you gay?" ad keeps coming back. So I thought I'd try an experiment. Sommer suggested I write an entry all about something like "kittens" to see if it would spawn some new ads.

So here we go. Kittens. Do you like kittens? I'm not pariticularly fond of cats since I'm pretty allergic, but kittens are pretty cute. Kittens bounce around and are much more fun than adult cats. Kittens. Kittens. Kittens.

Don't you love this?

I don't know why this picture of a KITTEN and the phrase makes me laugh. But maybe it's the KITTEN running from those little monsters.


It's kind of a weird word if you think about it. Kittens. Hmmmm. Kittens. Yeah, that's right. Kittens.

Take that google - KITTENS!


Christine said...

Haha- now the ad is "Are you hot?" So Google thinks you're a potentially hot gay chick!

SommerNyte said...

Argh. I posted a comment with typos, and it wouldn't let me edit, so I deleted it but now it says I deleted it. WHATEVER. What I was trying to say was:

I see an add for surnames -- see your family tree online and learn your family history! Better than the gay quiz. Like people need a quiz to know if they are gay. I suppose you're not very gay if you need a quiz to find out...

And when I came back here to re-post my comment, the gay quiz ad was back!!! Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I saw an ad about "Gerber Baby" - weird!

~ Viv