Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

But aren't all Fridays good?

It's especially good though b/c since all the schools are closed and so many people take off work, my commute was heavenly this morning. I got here in 20 minutes. I left my house later than ever this morning thanks to two little kids who weren't really in the mood to get moving and I was here at 8am.

But I do have a touch of their colds - lots of congestion in my throat giving me a froggy voice, but I don't feel too bad. Thanks to Airborne I haven't gotten the full brunt of it. In fact, thanks to this miracle drug, I really haven't been that sick all winter. As soon as I start to get their cold, I take this stuff twice a day and I have yet to get any of that powerful nasal congestion. I'm a believer in this stuff.

Oh and if anyone talks to Mother Nature, would you kindly remind her it's APRIL and NOT February???? 43 degrees and sunny is the forcast for this weekend. I don't think that the egg hunts that are planned to take place will be a whole lot of fun. And they're even predicting some light snow tonight. We don't get a white Christmas, but a white Easter? That's ridiculous. Poor little Easter Bunny is going to freeze his little white tail off.

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bracken said...

I second the report on a wonderful commute! The traffic was great this morning. Couldn't it just be like this every day!!

Even in good ol' GA we need to talk to mother nature. I am in a sweater in April in the south....something is wrong with this picture:>:>