Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A few words about VT

I can't even express how sad and devastated I am for the Virginia Tech community right now. I can't even believe how horrible of an act this was and how caught off guard this campus was. As a human, I'm saddened for the victims and their families. As a mother, I am sad for the parents who lost a child and I'm sad for the parents who had to wait anxiously to find out if their son or daughter was okay. As a member of the higher education community, I'm angered that someone would take away the innocence and community of a campus. And as a former RA and residence hall director, I'm saddened to know that an RA was one of the first victims of this crazed man. An RA just doing his job at 7am in the morning. You don't get trained on that. You are trained on handling alcohol poisoning, noise, and marijuana possession; you don't get trained on dealing with a person weilding a gun.

My heart goes out to Virginia Tech right now and all the students, staff, faculty, and community members. They should not have to be dealing with this. They should be going about their spring semester responsibilities of classes, projects, exams, etc. The seniors should be getting excited about graduation and getting jobs or going to graduate school instead of mourning their fellow classmates. The underclassmen should be having fun deciding where they will live next year and who they'll be living with and choosing classes for the fall semester.

All this because of some sick individual who clearly had no way of expressing his anger than by killing his fellow students. It's just so sad.

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Katie said...

I am watching parts of the memorial service. It is so sad. I had trouble sleeping last night and I cry if I think about it. I too asked L what he was trained to do as an RA and he said they don't train you for that. I didn't even think that we went to school during the pre-Columbine days. How times have changed.