Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bloggers Code of Conduct

A lot has been going on in the news lately regarding Tim O'Reilly's Blogger's Code of Conduct. He's basically asking people to take responsibility for their words, not flame one another, and try to handle things off the blog if problems arise. So in a nutshell, RESPECT one another! I don't get why this is so hard of a concept to get - particularly since I've seen how this stuff can get crazy.

I'm truly amazed at how awful people can be to one another on the internet simply because you're not face to face with a person and because you can't always be held accountable for your actions. I've seen people write some horribly hateful posts and emails just because they can. But when confronted in real life, the person backs down because all that junk they talked is just an act....a hurtful act, but still an act.

It's sad that there even needs to be a code like this but I guess it's just another sign that people can no longer take responsibility for themselves and act like respectful citizens. Sure, we'll never all agree, but disagreements can be handled in an adult manner. In one blog I read from time to time, a person's sexual orientation is degraded hurtfully on a regular basis. Why people who do not agree with that person continue to read that blog and then come forward with completely disrespectful remarks, I'll never understand. People just seek out things to flame and that, to me, seems like a horrible waste of your time and energy. Life is too short to go about spewing negative comments and spreading your negative aura.

And with that, I wish you a happy Saturday!

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