Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Be Still My Oddly Beating Heart

Ugh. For the past few months I've had sporatic episodes where my heart seems to be skipping a beat and then doing some weird "catch up" beat. Nervewracking to say the least. I chalked it up to a lot of things and since it was just happening every so often and never for very long, I kind of ignored it. (Or pretended to ignore it while googling it every so often.) And after having a few days with virtually no strange arrhythmia, I have been having them fairly strongly all day today pretty much any time I sit still. I'm not in any pain and I'm not short of breath - just feeling very odd as my heart does this weird beat thing. So I finally have a doctor's appointment with my general doc tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure that by then it will have stopped and he'll hear nothing.

I've had no extra caffiene today and I haven't eaten or done anything out of the ordinary. So who knows. But I do know that having your heart do flip flops behind your chest isn't exactly making me very productive today.


Anonymous said...

Hey keep an eye on this - Jay's Dad had to have his heart "shocked" on 2 seperate times to get it back in sync. The 1st time, it was only "shocked" 1 time but this lastest time, 3 months ago, it was shocked 7 times. And it's still off. I think he called it Afib (which I think that's what you're talking about)

The joys of getting old right - lol! (But hey I just found out that I have a rib pain that comes with age too. I was like I won't even be 30 until May! But I thought the chest pain I was having was baby related so I'm glad it's not her but just me getting old :( )

~ Viv

Bracken said...

Glad to hear you have an appointment. The heart is one organ you don't want to fool around with!

Katie said...

Alright, cut out all caffeine ASAP, Take more walking breaks at work,
and keep us posted!