Thursday, March 22, 2007

Too Early to Be a Vegetarian?

I seriously think that Bryce may already have decided he's a vegetarian. And I'm not too surprised given my strong aversion to most meats. For example, last night we have chicken stir fry. Not a whole lot of chicken - only one skinless, boneless breast that was cut into tiny pieces for an entire pot of stir fry. And every bite of the meat he got, he'd make a terrible face and spit it out. And that was only b/c he didn't realize he was eating it. Any other time when we have something like turkey burgers, hot dogs, or grilled chicken (again, only skinless, boneless breasts) he won't touch it. This reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid except when I was a kid, it wasn't acceptable not to eat meat.

I remember HATING dinner since it usually involved meat. My mom and dad would always give me a nasty chicken leg when we had chicken and I hated it. We'd have a casserole or pasta sauce with hunks of ground beef in it and I always ate around the chunks. My mom would get so mad at me for not eating it and she did not understand why I was so grossed out by meat.

To this day, I RARELY eat red meat or pork and I only ever eat white meat chicken or turkey that is NOT on the bone. I'm okay with most seafood but I won't pick crabs. So I'm not going to find any fault in Bryce chosing not to eat any meat unless he wants to. He seems to be a healthier eater than Caroline (and me as a child) anyway since he eats some veggies, most fruits, and doesn't really like cookies and other sweet things. I'm just not ready for him to go vegan on me just yet.

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Bracken said...

Sydney doesn't eat meat very often. Most of the time she will refuse it but once in a blue moon she will surprise you and eat it.