Friday, March 23, 2007

The things she comes up with....

This evening Caroline wanted to pretend that she was mommy and I was Caroline. She told me to go to bed (couch in living room) and then instructed me to keep getting books to read. Then when she would catch me reading them, she would snatch them away and tell me to go to sleep. Sound familiar? (This is what we go through almost every night with her!) So then I decided to really get into it and I started getting a big stack of them and hiding them under me and then I would lay there and read them and sing the songs she always sings. She LOVED it. She kept telling me she was going to "work" and then she would hear me singing and kept coming back to take my books. She kept digging under me too to find them and pretended to get mad at me. I think this is her way of processing what happens here at night. Of course, she thought it was funny the way I was acting, so I hope I didn't make her think it's okay to do that at night. But at least she had a chance to feel like she was the one in charge.

Then after her bath, I took the extra Friday night time to play dollhouse with her. And man, can that kid come up with some stories. She said that the dog had "pain" in his back legs (like Boomer and Josie, her grandparent's dogs). Then she went onto say that the "pain" came from the time the dog ran away from home and was chased by "wolfs." But the "wolfs" didn't hurt the dog too bad because they are scared of owls and the owls flew in and did some "hooing" used their "pain claws" to make the "wolfs" go away. So now the "wolfs" aren't there anymore because they are scared to come back. I asked her how she knew all this and she said, "Because I just know it." Then she proceeded to have a wedding between the cat and dog and the whole dollhouse family had to watch them dance. It was a joyous occassion I guess seeing how the dog had recovered from her horrifying wolf ordeal and the "pain." All's well in the Loving Family dollhouse tonight.

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