Monday, March 12, 2007

Rites of Spring

Ah yes, the early rites and rituals of spring. It the weather certainly has changed in the past week, huh? They are even calling for it to be about 70 degrees tomorrow! So yesterday I did a few springy things to celebrate the coming season and I guess it was also a nod to daylight savings time which began (a little prematurely for my liking) yesterday.

I was out getting groceries and decided to treat my minivan to a nice bath at the car wash. Oh my goodness, I knew it was bad, but I couldn't believe how crystal clear my windows became. Talk about SALT! ICK. (Jay was sweet enough to vacuum out both cars and wash his own, but I insist on taking my car to the carwash since it's much better for the environment.) I also bought myself 2 dozen unblossomed daffodils since they are my favorite flower and make it feel like spring to me. A few were on the verge of blooming this morning and I'm hoping to go home to some lovely blossoms this evening.

And while I'm not happy about waking up in the DARK again thanks to the early DST, I told Jay this morning we will need to reinstitute family walks now that it doesn't get dark as early. Maybe we'll let Caroline walk and we can wear her out a little so she goes to sleep on time.

Finally, one of my favorite spring rituals is BRACKET DAY! (Or Selection Sunday as it's called on CBS.) I'm in a few groups online and can't wait for the friendly competition AND for the tourney to start. I love the few days leading up to the tourney since it's so hopeful and exciting. Everyone has a great chance and no one has yet been upset. I remember in college basically being glued to a TV on that LONG first Thursday and Friday of the tourney. I wish I could do that now, but I think my boss might have something to say about that. ;) So I'll be responsible and just listen to the Terps taking on Davidson on Thursday - although I don't know what time they're playing so maybe it's after I get home? Doubtful though. At least they're only going up to Buffalo and not out west as usual. A #4 seeding is good as they were a #4 seed the first time they made it to the final four. Not that I am thinking they will make it there, but there's more potential for that based on their streak of games prior to the ACC tourney. They'll have a week's rest and hopefully a lot of energy to as they come back to the NCAAs for the first time in 3 years.


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MD plays at 12:10 - so you'll have to listen to it :)

~ Viv