Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This evening, Caroline said she was playing basketball with a mini-basketball, but she was actually kicking it around. I told her if she was kicking the ball that it was called soccer, but she insisted, since it was a basketball she was kicking, she was indeed playing basketball. But everytime she'd kick the ball and it would roll across the room, she would start yelling, "RAVO! RAVO!!" And then dance around. Now this is kind of funny to begin with, but add that to the fact that she was only wearing a shirt and was running around her room with her bare butt hanging out. I was folding her laundry while all this was going on and at one point she kicked it under her bed and I look over and all I see are her little legs and butt sticking out from under the bed. Of course, when she retreived it, her RAVOs continued.

Oh and I have to ask, "WHY IS IT SO FREAKING COLD???" It's March 6. Not January or February 6. Good heavens! It didn't get above freezing today and the wind chill was terrible. And they're whispering about snow tomorrow? Um, I don't live in South Dakota, do I? That March lamb better be coming soon!

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