Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, I'm going to start the process of getting Caroline started in a pre-school program. I was really getting anxious about it because I knew that if I wanted to send her to preschool when she was 4 (September 2008) I probably would not be able to send her to my local preschool since those spots are typically held for lower income families/at-risk children. I knew that we'd have to end up paying to send her somewhere and I honestly wanted to at least get her into a program that was only a few days a week because I think she needs some exposure to the classroom environment. Sure, I didn't go to preschool before kindergarten and I turned out just fine (and was the youngest in my class) but kindergarten wasn't an all day affair back in 1981. I was kind of stressing about it and almost avoiding thinking about it b/c I didn't know what to do. If it was a paid preschool we'd obviously have to transport her ourselves and I know Cathy wouldn't be able to do it.

But then, the fog cleared and I realized my solution was staring me in the face. I can bring her to the preschool here at work. DOH! Since I work at a university that has very highly rated teaching program they have an on campus daycare/preschool/kindergarten for students and faculty/staff. And they just moved to a brand new (very nice) center. So today I'm going over for my "unscheduled" visit and to start the application process. They told me yesterday that if we want to enroll her for fall that she'll need to take one summer session too. My hope is to be able to get her in a 2 or 3 day a week program so that she still has the day w/ my IL's and then a day or two at Cathy's. Being that it would be quite a long day (my whole work day) I think 2 days a week would just be fine. And while I would generally be the person dropping off/picking up, because Jason works so close too, he could always do it too if I was in a pinch. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works out.

I've got to be honest though, the thought of packing her up for school makes me want to cry. How is she getting so big, so fast? She puts on her backpack and says she's going to school and it makes me tear up, so I can't imagine how it really will be on her first day of school.


Bracken said...

What a milestone for you! I had thought that the daycare at TU would work for Sydney too if we were still there.

On an aside, just saw that a job Jenna was looking for at TU just became available --- day late and a dollar short! Don't know if it would have truly changed things but it might have.

Katie said...

That program sounds perfect!