Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pickles & Ketchup

What's so special about pickles and ketchup? Well, it's what Mr. Bryce basically had as the main part of his meal tonight. We had turkey burgers on the grill, sauteed fresh green beans, and baked french fries. Caroline did great but Mr. Bryce decided he really only wanted to eat ketchup (by the spoonful) and much on dill pickle slices. He did start to eat the french fries when I showed he could dip them in ketchup, but then the fries became the utensil to put more ketchup in his belly. We finally stopped him when we figured his sodium intake was approaching his daily RDA and gave him a fruit cup. Of course he continued to ask for "etchpup" quite loudly, but we didn't budge. No more condiments as your main course.

Who in the world eats ketchup and pickles for dinner? A determined 18 month old, that's who!

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Christine said...

Add a finicky 3-year old to that list! We had practically the same menu tonight and Anya used her fingers to eat up her ketchup! Had there been pickles,she would have used them to scoop the ketchup too!