Friday, March 16, 2007

My Little Linus

Well it seems Bryce is turning into Linus. In his crib since he was born has been a really cute bunny blanket (bunny head on top of a soft blanket) and a really cute light blue knit blanket my friend Kristine gave to Bryce from Gymboree. It's got a rhinocerous on both sides and on side has a sleeping rhino and the other side has an awake rhino. I always thought he'd take more to the ultra soft bunny blanket, but he's been proving lately he's a blanket boy.

Caroline has never been really partial to any one stuffed animal or blanket (of course she has her thumb) so it's adorable to me that Bryce is so into his blanket. He curls up with it, puts it on his head, hides under it, and brings it with him when you lift him out of his crib. Add that to the fact it's a light blue blanket and you've got Linus...minus the Linus thumbsucking. Bryce much prefers his "Papi" or paci as we call it. He only gets papi in bed and he knows it, so sometimes he seems to get excited to go to bed.

I also trimmed his hair this week as he was sporting a mini-mullet again and I trimmed over his ears too. I'm just waiting for the top to catch up before getting him a "real" haircut. I botched it a few places in the back, but overall it turned out well. And I was able to keep him from moving too much by filling the bathroom since w/ warm water and lots of bubbles. Sure, he stood and ate bubbles, but he didn't get his ear trimmed off, so I'm thinking it's a success.

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