Monday, March 19, 2007

Live and Die by the 3

Damn Terps lost in the 2nd round - and why? B/c they can't defend nor shoot consistent 3 point shots. Yes, I'll acknowledge the fact that Butler could NOT miss those shots from beyond the arc and many of them were from DOWNTOWN, but the Terps kept acting like they didn't know what was coming. Let's see, Butler would run the shot clock down to almost no time left and then pass it out to someone who was completely open beyond the arc and BOOM, an instant 3 pointer. I thought things were improving when Mike Jones started hitting some 3 pointers, but that ended quickly. At least the Lady Terps are still in it........

Oh and my bracket is busted. I'm just mediocre now and Caroline is almost in dead last. Jason said that even though he knows she doesn't care and made her choices based on the names she liked to say, he still feels sad she's losing. He said it's just one of those things where you don't want to see your child fail. I guess he'll be doing some serious bracket coaching in years to come.

The kiddos spent the night at the IL's last night and are there w/ them all day today. I called this morning and MIL said that they put them to bed at about 8:15 (in the same room) and they hooted, laughed and sang for about an hour before going to sleep. I got a good laugh out of that but it proves they are becoming fast friends. Caroline is constantly trying to teach Bryce new words too. They come out pretty muddled, but he seems to like to try when big sister gives him a word.

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Katie said...

Ugh, that game was terrible. The Terps just looked dumb. Arghhh! I guess it's something going around with the ACC teams.