Sunday, March 11, 2007

Human Jungle Gym

Lately, if I sit on the floor or couch, both kids are ALLLLLLL over me. Bryce is trying to get as close to me as possible and Caroline is either attempting to find a way to ride me or lay in my lap in a very odd way. Sometimes it's kind of funny, but most of the time it drives me buggy. If I make the mistake of laying down, they are stepping on my hair, pulling my hair (on accident), pulling at my clothes, kicking each other (again, on accident) and PURPOSELY pushing the other one out of the way. They usually do not like to share me.....especially Bryce. Sometimes, he'll be completely doing something else and he'll see Caroline get into my lap and he ATTACKS. He cannot handle sharing me. He's not happy until he's practically back in my uterus. I really think that he won't be completely happy sometimes until he's that close to me again. Talk about the need to cut the chord.........

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