Friday, March 30, 2007

How to make your mommy cry

I am constantly telling both my kids how much I love them and always always giving them more hugs and kisses than they like sometimes. So this morning as I was strapping Caroline into her carseat, I gave her a kiss and said, "I love you." She looks at me and says, "No you don't, you only love Bryce."

Now, I could tell right away from the way she said it and the look on her face that she knew this wasn't true. And likely, she didn't even totally understand what she was saying. So I said, "No, Mommy loves you and Bryce the same. I love you BOTH very very much!" She says, "No Mommy, you only love Bryce." Again, the joking tone in her voice was there and I could tell she was just trying to get a rise out of me. But even so, that is something I don't like hearing. I told her, "Caroline, you saying that makes Mommy want to cry because I love you just as much as Bryce."

And by this point, I did have some tears welling up in my eyes. I guess she saw them because she immeadiately extended her arms and I gave her a hug and she kissed me and said she loved me.

I felt better and went around and got into my seat and she pipes up from the back seat, "Mommy, I was just tricking you." Little bugger! How does a 3 year old already know how to push my buttons?

Oh and if anyone wants to try that Lemon Spaghetti recipe I mentioned, here's a link to it. (You don't have to log on to read it.)

Lemon Spaghetti

I also sautee fresh mushrooms in the olive oil and add some minced garlic before throwing it all together with the pasta and baby spinach.


bracken said...

Yikes, that would have made me fill up with tears too.

Sydney is into lots of hugs and kisses right now so I am living it up. She looks at you and puckers up her lips and if you give her a kiss and walk away with out a hug so calls you and says "Hug" with her arms open wide. Talk about warming the heart.

Christine said...

OMG- I would have been about to cry too, but MAN, is she gonna be a tough teenager! How do they figure these things out???