Friday, March 02, 2007

Home again...

Well, Miss C woke with another fever this morning, so it was my turn to stay home. Her fever broke after giving her ibuprofen and after talking to the doctor, he wasn't too concerned since Bryce had had it too. But then I saw she had a weird rash and he wanted to see her. But he thinks it's just a result of the fever and to watch it. He gave me an Rx just in case it doesn't go away in 48 hours. So that's fine. Then I took the kids to the drugstore to get some REAL sudafed for me and ibuprofen for them. All was fine with kids happily walking around the store when just as we were leaving Caroline spied some little Care Bears dressed up as bunnies (for Easter) and then it started. "Mommy, but I want it!" "Mommy, please!" "Mommy, I want the bunny Care Bear!" I couldn't belive the tears, but since I was already on my way out just told her that I was leaving, so she followed me yelling and crying but once we got in the car, I reminded her I had planned to take her to "Old MacDonald's" for lunch and she got quiet when I told her we wouldn't sit in the restaurant and eat. But they each ate a hamburger happy meal and were very happy.

Here's a picture I just think is funny:

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