Sunday, March 04, 2007

Go Diego Go! LIVE

Back in mid-November, I heard Diego LIVE - The Great Jaguar Rescue - was coming to town and I scoured the internet for the pre-sale password so I could get Caroline decent seats before they went on sale to the general public. I was successful and got the first row of the middle balcony at the Hippodrome and yesterday was the big day. I chose not to tell Caroline since she gets so excited about things like this that often prevent her from sleeping. So I told her I had a surprise for her on Saturday morning and that Bertie and I were taking her on a big adventure in the morning. So we got up and when I told her she got VERY excited. Here's a picture of her right before we left. Of course she wore her Diego outfit, complete with Dora barettes and Diego shoes , and took her huggable Diego along.

Since the show as at the Hippodrome (read, REAL theater) the crowd was fairly small and the atmospher wasn't overly commercial like it had been at the Disney on Ice show. There was a place to buy Diego merchandise but only one place and there were NO vendors walking around in the theater. After my mom bought Caroline a rescue pack and Diego pennant, we went to our seats but saw that they were taking FREE photos behind a Diego scene. How fun is this?

They were giving out free Diego coloring books too. Then we went into the show and Caroline got a free Jaguar mask to wear for certain parts of the show.

The Hippodrome is an amazing theater and the place was packed with parents, grandparents and preschoolers. Such a fun atmosphere and the excitement was contagious as the show was gearing up. Caroline got SO excited when Alicia, Diego (and later, Dora) came out on stage. She sang, jumped, danced, and growled along with the cast and really loved the show. Needless to say, my mom and I had a great time just watching her. And I was a bit skeptical beforehand about liking a live version of the show since it's a cartoon, but the actors were really great!

At intermission, my mom decided that Caroline HAD to have a stuffed Baby Jaguar since that is what the show was about and also bought Bryce a t-shirt.

Then since we were so close to Lexington Market, we went over after the show for a quick lunch. It was really a great show and if you have a Dora/Diego fan in your family (and the opportunity to go to this show) definitely take advantage!

Here's C outside the show afterwards:

And here's Bryce modeling his t-shirt and Caroline's Rescue Pack when we got home:


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So jealous! Emily LOVES Diego!