Monday, March 26, 2007

Daddy, Feet!

Lately, Mr. Bryce has been trying very hard to get laughs at the dinner table. He often will make really mischievious faces and see if you're looking at him and hope you'll laugh. But at the end of a meal, he almost always goes to this old stand by....."Daddy, FEET!" And before you know it one or both feet are on the table. And he thinks he's HILARIOUS! We try so hard not to let on that it's funny - Jason has had to leave the table a few times to laugh somewhere else. And it's so hard not to let a little smile out. He just looks at you all proud and sometimes even tries to rip the socks off of his feet too. There is just something about toddlers and their feet. And Bryce knows that something about him doing it is funny. Or at least he thinks it is. But I can tell you what's not funny, cleaning up a dirty face, mouth AND feet because he has to involve all of his digits in his meal. I have to admit though, there is something very cute about his fat little feet and toes curled up around the edge of the table. But I'm not telling him that!

Oh and 4 years ago today, I found out I was pregnant with Caroline. How can my baby be on the path to turning 4? I look at her and am still amazed we made her and I'm amazed at all she can do. But it makes me realize how quickly time is passing. So I take the extra time to give her hugs and kisses b/c who knows when she won't be giving them so freely.

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