Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chalk it up to Spring!

Yesterday wasn't quite as warm as the day before, but it still was very nice. I got home from work and Jay went out and mowed our lawn - which looks AMAZING. It took 4 years, but man, that stuff is like ultra thick carpet now in most spot. Jay should be VERY proud of his efforts. So after I made dinner (Lemon Spaghetti......mmmmmmmm!) we went out for a walk (aka "tire the kids out"). Caroline, oh, I mean Dash, ran most of the way and Bryce ended up back in the stroller since he thinks running out in the street is hilarious. Then when we got back, Caroline requested sidewalk chalk and so we let them play a while. Sidewalk chalk is fun, but man, it's messy. But I figured since bathtime was forthcoming, it was a good time for it. Bryce likes to violently swipe the sticks of chalk at the ground and then throw them in attemp to break them. Caroline likes to draw her version of rainbows. But all in all, it's so nice to be getting back outside again. I'm hoping we'll be building them a swingset/play area soon so we'll have even more to do outside.

Here are some pics of our late March fun:

Caroline doing a "Dash pose."


Amy said...

That Dash pose is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Ok what exactly Lemon Spaghetti?

~ Viv

Katie said...

I agree, Caroline's "Dash" impersonation made me chuckle.