Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When I grow up....

Caroline has started telling us the things she will do when she grows up. Here's what she's told me recently:

1. She will use a knife. Knives are not for little girls and little boys, they are for mommies and daddies. But sometimes mommies and daddies get cut if they are not being safe. (She is very excited about the possibility of using a knife someday, should I be scared?)

2. She will drive kids to the movies. (No idea where this one came from.)

3. She will use a computer to play games.

4. She will wear mommy and daddy's clothes because right now they wouldn't fit, but when she grows up, they will fit. (I hope for her sake, she never fits into most of Jason's clothes!)

5. She will be a mommy. (I like this one!)

6. She will go to work just like mommy and daddy.