Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Update

Okay, so it's Sunday night, so I guess it's time for Weekend Update - starring ME!

On Friday evening my mom and dad came over and we had pizza with the kids and everyone admired the hard work Jason and I had done in painting our master bedroom. It looks really wonderful, but will take some getting used to as it's been white for almost 4 years! Caroline came in from daycare and sniffed the air and said, "I smell something, I think it's paint. It smells GOOOOOOOD." Weirdo. Bryce also started coughing on Friday, but didn't seem to phased by it.

On Saturday morning, Jay went to pick up the Passat from the shop since he had to get some routine maintenance done on it on Friday. Good heavens, it was good he had it in when he did b/c the mechanic said that some pulley (no clue what that does!) had actually broken apart and lodged somewhere in the motor and was very close to just breaking free and messing up the timing belt and many other things. He said had it become dislodged, and it could have at any time, we might have had a major breakdown and possibly needed a whole new engine. GAH! Jay's dad is the one who recommends this shop and decided to stop by and told Jay how amazing it was that this piece didn't come unlodged. The mechanic said he'd never seen anything like it before, so we replaced it and all other maintenance work was completed. So for an almost 6 year old car, we're keeping our fingers crossed for many more good years with it.

Then after kiddo naps, we rounded the kids up and dropped them off at my mom and dad's so that we could go out for our belated Valentine's dinner. Not really Valentine's, but a good excuse to go out to eat. Our reservation wasn't until 7:30 so we stopped off at the Chesapeake Wine Company for some vino. I had a short "tour" of some whites and Jay had a nice glass of Pinot Noir while we nibbled on some cheeses, grapes, and bread. Very fun! Then we headed to Roy's for dinner. Roy's is Hawaiian fusion and man, oh man, was it AMAZING. (We had planned to go to Roy's with Katie & Landon back in the spring, but poor Em was sick - we'll have to go back another time together!) And 2 words.....CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE! Need I say more? But honestly, the food and atmosphere were great and it was nice to just relax and talk w/o someone interupting us with a knock knock joke. (And it's not just Caroline anymore, Bryce has learned to tell one too!)

On Sunday morning, I got to sleep until 8am - oh that was heaven. Seriously, 8am is the best! But my relaxed mood went down the drain when my mom called to say that Bryce awoke at 6:30am with a 102 fever and a very nasty cough. Poor guy. So Jay and I went over to get the kids and he went on home with my poor sickie boy and my mom and I ran out to Joann's Fabrics to get material to make window boxes for my room and the playroom. The snow had just started as we were leaving and was really coming down by the time we got home. Bryce was snoozing on Jay's lap and felt a little better after some OTC remedies. But he's upstairs now coughing and moaning from time to time. I'm planning on taking off again tomorrow and taking him to the doctor's just to be sure he doesn't have any worrysome congestion in his chest and that his ears are clear too.

So that's my busy weekend. No rest for the weary, huh?

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Katie said...

I'm dying to try that restaurant!!