Thursday, February 22, 2007

So disappointed!

Last week I looked online at the local community college's continuing ed courses and found a music class that I thought sounded great for Caroline. It was for younger kids and involves music, dancing, instruments, etc. And it was being offered on a Sunday morning at a location near us. So I signed her up and started talking to her about it - she seemed excited too. Well today, the college calls to tell me that her section has been cancelled due to lack of interest in that time, but "we still have space in the classes at XXXX."

"That sounds good, when is that?" I ask.

"Oh, those are on FRIDAY mornings."

Thanks but no thanks. Damn it, I am so disappointed. I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to doing this with Caroline for the next 12 weeks. I was told that they would offer it again in the summer so I could try then. Maybe I'm just a little bitter, but I'm sure there will be plenty of weekday opportunities for me. *sigh*

Fortunately, Caroline hasn't said anything more about it and I'm hoping she forgot. She's been so into dancing lately (or twirling as she calls it) and she got excited when I told her about it. So I guess my Sunday mornings until May will be quiet again.

In other news, I had to go on Ebay and look for this CD that Bryce mistakenly broke this morning. I swear, that kid thinks he's a DJ already. He's all about putting CDs into Caroline's CD player and pressing as many buttons as he can and then popping them out again. This morning he had one in each hand and then fell off the chair, splitting the one that can no longer be purchased at regular stores/websites - it was actually one of my Disney compilations from 1991 and it's got Caroline's beloved "Spoonful of Sugar" "Following the Leader" and a few others. But as luck would have it, someone on Ebay had it for $2 ($3.50 S&H) with only a few hours left to bid. And I WON IT for the whopping price of $2.47. I'm so happy. So now I've put the originals of those CDs up and I'm going to make a copy for the kids. I don't worry as much about all their other ones since they're all newer, but this one is rare - at least to me.

And finally, it seems 30 has shown me my first signs of aging. I've noticed at work lately that spending about 7 hours in front of my computer is having a negative affect on my eyes. I usually leave with very tired feeling eyes and sometimes an eye "headache." I went to the optomotrist a few weeks ago figuring my vision was going bad and was surprised to find out I still have 20/20 vision. YAHOO! But, he did a really good job of explaining to me how the eye works and that in order to view things up close, these tiny muscles in your eye have to squeeze the lens - well doing that for like 7 hours a day is tiring. And those muscles atrophy with age - it's just a fact of life, so he gave me two options, take more breaks throughout the day or get some "computer" glasses. (The reading glasses of the new millenium - who reads something not on a screen anymore???)

Well, knowing myself like I do, I opted for the glasses. I'm such a task/goal oriented person that when I sit down at my desk to do something, I do not get up until it's done if I can help it. I mean, I will sit there and work on it and not eat, not get up to run to the bathroom and NOT look away from my screen until I finish it. I don't even like to take a phonecall if I am in the middle of a more in depth project. It's just my way, I can't be cured. In fact, since I got this "diagnosis," all the women I work with come back and badger me about getting up from my desk from time to time.

So I picked out a hip little pair of frames and opted for the lenses with the special coating that makes them less reflective and better at letting light through than ordinary lenses. They're pretty cute and I'm only supposed to wear them at the PC when I feel like I need to - after an hour or so. I'm still getting used to them and taking them off after wearing them for a bit is really weird, but I'm hoping they will decrease my eye fatigue at work. We'll see. And seeing how the only place I wear them is with no one looking back at me, you probably won't see them anytime soon either, so here's sort of a picture. (I asked Jay to take it and put them on special for a picture - it's why I'm not at the puter - but I don't like the ones of me facing forward, so this is as good as you're going to get.)

Oh yeah, and Meredith didn't die on G.A. WOW! What a great show that is. I just lurve it so much.


Anonymous said...

That sucks about the music class.

I had the same issues with my eyes when I was in law school. I had 20/20 vision but I chose to wear reading glasses in school b/c it helped me squint less and made my eyes "feel" better after a long day of reading or typing. I don't wear them anymore, but they sure made me look & feel smarter.

Your glasses seem pretty cool from the side.


Kristine FMM said...

Did you REALLY think they would kill off Meredith??? I really agree that it is a lovely show.