Sunday, February 11, 2007

Please do a snow dance for me!

So we're watching to see what this storm coming tomorrow evening is going to do. At first they were saying heavy snow on Tuesday and then this morning I read heavy snow on Tuesday AND Wednesday. Well, I just checked now and it says "ice pellets" for both days. WTH? If we get enough snow, I might get a lovely snow day, but ice pellets are just the worse. Ice storms are terrible for so many reasons that I'm sure I don't have to tell you. I'm guessing that it has something to do w/ the fact that we'll be right around the freezing mark.

So please, keep your fingers crossed that if we do get some heavy precipitation this week that it's snow and that its' enough to get me at least one day off of work! I want to take the kids out to play in it and then come in and drink hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows!

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Bracken said...

I am torn on the snow coming your way. I think it would be awesome that you guys get a day off, but Jenna's sister is here and she is suppose to fly home that day. She is worried that her flight will be disturbed. I know her family is looking forward to her coming home.:>:> I am home today with a cold (if I was in MD I probably would be at work, but I don't feel the need here and with Lisa here I decided to take the day!)