Friday, February 02, 2007

More Weird Bed Findings

This morning I went in and found a bunch of odd things in Caroline's bed. I shouldn't be surprised since she would NOT go to sleep and Jason found her still awake at 9:30. This morning there were 2 pairs of clean underwear, a shirt, an undershirt, a pair of pants, a short sleeved t-shirt (from her summer clothes drawer) and a pair of socks. It looks like she went through her drawers and picked out one item from each drawer and then brought them back to bed with her. She also had a stuffed turtle in bed with her that she normally does not have and all of his clothes were off. Of course I found the usual books and such. I have NO idea how that kid sleeps with so much stuff in her bed. All this extra stuff is in addition to the 10 or so stuffed animals she's already got in there.

And on a happy note, we found Thomasina! It was actually kind of weird. My mom came over to give the kids baths last night (Bath Night with Bertie) and I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch in the living room listening to the bath time antics going on upstairs. For no apparent reason, I said to Jay, "We never did find Thomasina.." And just that second I turned my head and looked at the wheel of one of Bryce's riding toys and there she was! I guess Bryce had kidnapped her from C's dollhouse last week. So I took her up to Caroline and she was thrilled to see her. Jason said I should start saying things like "I never did find that $1 million dollars...." But so far, no luck.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of having your Mom come over to bathe the kids! I need to work on that with my Mom or MIL!

~ Viv