Saturday, February 10, 2007

Looking To July

Last night my parents came over for dinner and discussion turned to going to the OBX for a week in July. Of course this always gets me excited and we migrated to the computer to start doing some rental property searching. We've done this before, but it just amazes me how much you can know about a house now before you rent it. Back when we did this in the 1980's, we'd rely on this little handdrawn picture in a book that just gave a very basic description of a house. Now you can see bedrooms, views from the decks and even a google satellite map of the house's location. Truly helpful in picking that perfect family vacation spot.

So as we're talking about the week and deciding how big a house we needed we thought we'd call and invite my dad's brother and his wife to go. (Caroline's beloved Uncle Doug!) So we call him and they sound very interested and say that they can pretty much guess we can bet on at least 2 of their kids going. YAY! But of course that means we really need to start thinking larger now and my mom said we really can't invite the DPC family w/o inviting my grandmother. And if you invite my grandmother and the DPC family, you can't not invite my dad's sister and her husband. It's now turned into a big C family vacation. How did that happen? Last year we had a big group go down in September with the M family but the differnce there was it was mid-September and the weather wasn't great so everyone was kind of couped up and grumpy about the weather. At least we know that going in July we have a much better chance of a good week and we'd all be outside. I'm getting excited at the thought of spending a whole week w/ my siblings (hopefully both!) and 2-3 of my cousins. And I know the kids will have a grand time too.

I'm hoping my mom and I can get the house picked out this weekend so that we have an official date and a firm week to look forward to as we muddle through this wintry weather.

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Anonymous said...

Jay and I have been wanting to get down there for years now! Looking for either a big family vaca or a big friends get away. Not this summer but hopefully next. Any ideas and tips you can pass along would be very helpful.

Glad you can actually get away in the summertime too (not hurricane season!)

~ Viv

BTW I guess you saw or your parents told you the Weeks old house is for sale.