Saturday, February 24, 2007

I've got skills!

The other night when Bryce was crying about something (who knows what!), Caroline says, "Mommy, Bryce is crying because he doesn't have a skill."

"And what skills do you have, Caroline?"

"I can twirl and spin. Those are my skills."

So then the next night she says, "My skills are spinning and twirling, but Bryce's skill is roly poly."

I don't know where all this skill talk came from, but I guess to her, they are highly valued.

Oh and here's a better pic of my glasses - I had them on and Bryce came running with these old ones of Caroline's because obviously he thought wearing glasses must be the thing to do.

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Amanda said...

Hey you look great!!! I am now off on the weekends. So can we get together for lunch soon? call me!!!!