Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!

So lucky me got out of work at 3pm today because of the inclimate weather. I had been watching the snow all morning and seeing the updates as public schools closed wondering if we'd be next. Honestly though, I wasn't really buying into the fact that it was that bad out there. My ILs came down at their normal Tuesday morning time since it barely had started snowing at 6:30am. But as the afternoon progressed, it was getting clear that maybe this storm was actually going to do something. I left work promptly at 3pm (why stay a second later???) and found the roads to be a mess. Around where I work, the entire campus seemed to be evacuating and it was snowing pretty heavily. The roads were very messy and I was surprised how quickly it had started accumulating. But I made it onto the beltway and noticed right before I get on that there was a major accident, so the traffic right where I get on was non-existant. By that point it started raining and that is weird considering it was 27 degrees. How does it rain at 27 degrees? But rain at 27 degrees is a BAD thing since everything it touches turns to ice. I made it home without even a slide and saw my IL's care covered with a thin layer of ice. (These are the days when you are so appreciative for a garage!!!) Jay got home around 4ish and we just enjoyed our extended evening with the kiddies.

The weather reports are looking fairly grim in the ice department. The storm coming up from the south hasn't hit yet and is expected to last through the morning. So I'd honestly be shocked if I had to go to work on time. The temp isn't supposed to rise above freezing either, so if I keep my fingers crossed, maybe a nice day off work? Of course because it's ice and not snow, my ideal day of taking the kids out to play in the snow and come in and have hot cocoa and chicken soup is kind of ruined since no one wants to play on ice. But at least it would be a day with my chickadees. Probably less "restful" than a day at work, but good just the same.

So for anyone out there that did a snow dance for me, you must have been a little off. But I'll take what I can get here in my part of the country.

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Bracken said...

Looks like you finally got your day off you were looking for! Just saw on TU's website that you are closed for the day. Stay warm and enjoy the day with the kids.