Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So why were we the ONLY area university/college that opened on freaking time today???? Not that the roads were really bad, but I'm just mad that every single other place in the area at least got a delayed opening and we opened at 8am. As I walked into my building, I saw streams of students leaving that had showed up to class on time and then the faculty member didn't show. (Lovely.) And while I had no problem getting to work since schools were closed and people were taking their time, I was kind of peeved that the ONLY place I had some slippage on the road was when I was driving on campus into my parking garage.

Oh well, I'm here. At least it's a little warmer in my office today.


Katie said...

That stinks! It's the only snow of the season, they should have given at least a 2hr delay!

Bracken said...

Sorry to hear you had to go to work on time. I would have been just as frustrated:<