Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hidden Cat & Happy Pills

I thought I'd share these two little funny things about Bryce. Anytime Bryce climbs up the steps by himself, he always stops at the turn and goes back into the corner of the step and says, "CAT!" He has convinced himself that there is a cat back there for some reason. I have no idea why. If Thomasina was still missing, I'd be checking back there because of his insistance that there is a cat there. But since Thomasina is accounted for, I have no idea. He'll crawl up to it, put his face back in the corner and even meow sometimes. Weedo!

And we've also discovered that if Bryce is ever really upset and can't calm down, he has an automatic shutoff. Marshmallows! I don't pride myself in feeding my kid junk to stop him from crying, but sometimes he gets into these crying jags when he wakes up from his naps that are unbelievably long and passionate. It's like he has a VERY hard time waking up and can't do it. So I pull out the bag of mini-marshmallows and make him do things for them and VOILA! Bryce is Mr. Happy and we can resume our regular programming. We don't do this for true tantrums where he's mad he's not getting his way and I don't plan on making a habit out of it, but it's just funny that when he's like this he doesn't want anything. He says he wants mommy, but when I hold him he screams. Thank goodness for marshmallows.

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