Friday, February 09, 2007

Dry Skin

Oh my gosh, this frickin' cold weather this past week has been doing number on my family's poor skin. My hands, which I usually take pride in for being pretty soft, have been rough, red, sore and soooooooo dry. Poor Bryce has dry patches all over and Caroline has even been a little dry. We have humidifiers in all of our rooms and I've been rubbing Bryce down with vaseline and his Rx for his eczema at night and putting lotion all over Caroline. I've also been slathering my hands w/ vaseline and putting on my "sleeping gloves" before I got to sleep to keep the moisture in. It helps, but it starts again the next day. YUCK! I can handle winter, but this awful cold and dry air is really starting to piss me off. Is it April yet?

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