Sunday, February 04, 2007

Boogies Go In Nose

Yesterday after one of Bryce's crying fits, we looked at him and he had this huge boogie right under his eye. Caroline was talking about it and I think Bryce kind of understood b/c he started using his hands to look for it. So when he found it, I told him to bring it to mommy (funny how we do this, huh?) but instead, he looked at it and sat and diligently tried to put it back in his nose. Of course, we all started laughing and this made him try even harder. I still don't know what happened to that boogie. Maybe his body reabsorbed it. Gross!

Speaking of Bryce's fits, he is starting to show us how difficult the twos may be for him. He's not talking nearly as much as Caroline was at this point and he gets easily frustrated since we aren't sure what he wants. (We do some hand signs with him, but when he gets really upset - quite often - he doesn't do them.) Usually everything errupts into him yelling "Mommy!" or "Daddy!" or just screaming his head off. Last night as I was getting dinner ready, I think he was hungry and he kept trying to climb up my legs so Jason picked him up and put him in his chair since dinner was almost ready. Jay gave him his cup and some raisins in hopes of calming him down. NOPE! He was so mad that he screamed and cried and got himself so worked up he started gagging and coughing. Even when Jason finally took him out of his chair that wasn't enough and didn't calm down until I took him.

I'm wondering if this is a form of seperation anxiety. He has never cried when I leave him at Cathy's in the morning - but then she's almost his 2nd mother since he's been going to her since he was 10 weeks old. But he wants me anytime he's at home. Sometimes I just want to let him cry and realize he isn't going to get mommy all the time, but I don't know if that's really effective at this point. It's really hard since Caroline is so independent and we've never really had this issue with her - although she does cry when I leave sometimes in the morning, but not often. I just feel like this is such a great example of how these types of personality traits are genetic and not taught since I feel like we've been pretty consistent with how we are raising them. Anyway, they say that seperation anxiety usually peaks around 18 months so I'm hoping that as that passes and as he starts talking more (Please!) that his tantrum/fits will be a little more managable.

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