Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bawlmer Survey, Hon!

1. City you are from? I was actually born in Baltimore City and lived there till I was 5.

2. Crabs? Eh, they're okay. I will NOT sit and pick them or eat the freshly picked meat. (I have issues with animal bones, shells, etc.) But I will eat crab dishes.

3. What about the Beltway? It's not so bad if you know how to avoid the congested areas and take the back roads.

4. Do you go to Ocean City? Not in a very long time, I hate it.

5. Deep Creek Lake? I used to go up to Wisp to ski, but it's b.o.r.i.n.g. any other time. SNORE!

6. What do you think about Ehrlich? Weird hair and turtlenecks - now O'Malley = H.O.T.

7. Maryland Police? Hope to never get pulled over by them.

8. QB of the Ravens? Just some dude that gets paid too much - as do all professional athletes.

9. Do you play lacrosse or know someone who does? Never played myself, but a lot of people in high school did.

10. Have you been across the bay bridge? Yes, but it's been a long time.

11. Can you use traffic circles? YIELD TO TRAFFIC ALREADY IN CIRCLE! DUH!

12. Do you think of LA when you hear the word "Pasadena"? Never.

13. Does your county have a police force? There are MD counties that don't???

14. Do you fly out of BWI more often than Regan National or Dulles? Do you mean Thurgood Marshall/Baltimore-Washington International Airport? Then, yes. (That's the longest freaking name for an airport I ever heard!)

15. Is it Washington or D.C.? D.C.

16. Have you ever ridden on the Metrorail? All the time in college, I wish we had one like that in Baltimore.

17. What does 695, 295, 495, 95, etc mean to you? Thanking the heavens I don't have to EVER drive 495 - good god, that's a terrible highway.

18. Have you ever been to the HFStival? 1995 & 1996

19. Do you complete every sentence with the word "Hon"? I'm not THAT Baltimore, hon!

20. Do you know what a bar crawl is? I don't think that's just a Baltimore thing.

21. Bar golf? Huh?

22. You've been here for the stupid, loud cicadas? Twice. Ew. You haven't lived until you've had a decapitated cicada fall down your shirt while you're driving. Or have on come unknowingly in on your clothes to your office and then start "calling" and scare the utter crap out of you.

23. Does the Preakness mean anything to you? Sunburns and dehydration.

24.Is the Inner Harbor a great place or what? It's okay - I've been there so much, it feels really touristy. But there are really cool pockets in the city if you know where they are. But some REALLY scary parts too.

25. You know what a Terp is? Um, I am one. I was born one, and will always be one. M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland, will win!!!!!

26. Do you know someone who works for the Federal/State gov? I am a state employee.

27. Do you know about the sniper? Yes and he came UNBELIEVABLY close to staging a shoot out at a public school VERY close to where I used to work. (Didn't find that out until after the fact.)

28. Have you ever seen a sign that says Believe and do you know what those signs mean? I prefer, "B'live, Hon!"

29. Do you know where Ft. Meade is? Yeah. That's a boring question.

30. When you order a soft drink what do you ask for - pop, soda, or coke? I would order a brand, but I call it soda.

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