Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All is well..

Thanks for the concern, I'm fine. After about an hour (and headaches all around!) the smell disapated. We never did find out what it was, but maybe in a year or two we'll all come down w/ some bizarre illness we can't trace. It didn't smell exactly like natural gas, almost sulphur like, but stinky just the same.

The kids are back from a night at the IL's. They had a great time, as usual, and I got 2 bathrooms cleaned, laundry folded and I watched some poorly acted movie on Lifetime - I swear I NEVER watch those but this was Nora Roberts' book, Carolina Moon, which I'd read and kind of liked. The casting was okay w/ Clare Forlani as the main character and the lead guy was pretty hot. But the acting was bad and the story seemed lame on screen. Of course I couldn't turn it off until it was over at 11pm.

And an update on C's crazy bed findings. On Sunday night, I found a tube of unopened Diego toothpaste, an opened half used tube of Aquafresh, an empty box of Dove soap and the actual bar of soap. Then tonight, Jason found a lot of books, his big Maglite flashlight (still on!), her slippers on her feet. And she was almost asleep at this point. One day I think I'm going to find the kitchen sink in there!


Katie said...

That's crazy about the gas smell. Next time, take a "smoking break" (even though you don't smoke) and go outside or go out to Starbucks or something.

Don't forget to post a photo of your freshly painted bedroom when you finish!

Bracken said...

Glad to hear that all is well! Hopefully the smell doesn't return.

Sounds like Caroline is just going to keep you guys guessing on what she will have in bed with her next....