Thursday, February 22, 2007

The 2nd Coat is ALWAYS Better

I'm home today so that I could begin the process of painting our bedroom. Got to sleep in a little (7am) and feed the kiddos breakfast and then I took them to Cathy's so I could come home and paint. I got the blue taping done last night and Jay and I moved all the furniture to the middle of the room too. And I'm happy to say that I am DONE my part of the painting! Jay doesn't like me to do any roller painting, so I do all the painting around the doorways, windows, and above the baseboards. I am really loving the color already - it's a Behr paint called "Grass Cloth" and is kind of a light asparagus color. Anything is better than that awful eggshell we've had for almost 4 years. I am off again tomorrow and Jay will be off too, so I think we'll get it finished. Any other room in our house, probably wouldn't take as long, but since we have a fairly high cathedral ceiling in there, it's quite a job. Thank goodness for my 6'4" husband and handy paint tools. I'll post pics when we've got it done. I think I'll be asking my mom for some help on window treatments since she did such a nice job on the ones in my bathroom.

Time to get a shower and then go get the kiddos!!

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Amy said...

Are you gonna post pics???