Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Things We Find in Her Bed

I just came down from finding out what Caroline was up to since it is 9:20 and she's STILL not asleep. And every time I go and find out what she's up to and/or when I go in to wake her up in the morning, I'm amazed at the variety of things I find in bed with her. Just now I found a bunch of different books, a rubber duck, a can of juggling balls, her stuffed chicken house, and a spray bottle. Other times I've found shoes, an entire package of teeny tiny hairbands, LARGE books, sunglasses, changing pads, Bryce's (clean) diapers, and puzzles. It's like she has this whole entire playtime after we put her to bed. She's always had trouble settling down and going to sleep and we've tried to help by moving her CD player down to the playroom, getting her to bed earlier, and taking some toys out of her room, but she always finds ways to be very inventive.

Tonight when I quietly crept up the steps to listen in on the conversation she was having with the "Little Einsteins" she was talking to "June" about something. She has some quite detail conversations with herself sometimes and with her imaginary friends of her choosing. It's amazing the things she processes by herself. But I'm pretty sure that is her way of digesting the things that have happened that day. Although I can't explain the hairbands or juggling balls.....or how in the world she actually manages to sleep in the bed with so much junk in there.


Katie said...

She loves those Little Einsteins, doesn't she!

Bracken said...

I honestly think if Sydney was in a bed and not a crib we would find the same thing happening with her. She always seems to have the craziest things hidden with her when she is playing and talking and singing up a storm about whatever is in her mind. Kids are just the cutest things aren't they!