Monday, January 01, 2007

Tantruming in the New Year

Caroline started 2007 out with a bang - a big old, extended TANTRUM. It all started when we asked her to change her wet pull up. Oh the horror! I gave her a time out for refusing and then she ran upstairs and slammed her door behind her. I went in after her and told her that she couldn't leave her room until she made a good choice and put on either a clean pullup or big girl panties. She was refusing both and I was not going to wrangle them on her. So I sat there blocking her way out of the room and ignoring her while she sat and screamed over and over that she did not want to change her pullup. Then she decided to get back in bed. I told her she could stay in her room until she decided to change it and I left. She proceeded to scream and hit the door but then she did take off her pull up, but when she thought it was a better idea to put the wet pullup back on, I took it from her and started to put it in the diaper pail. Of course she wanted to put it in herself, so I gave it to her, but something in her little head short circuited because instead of putting it in the diaper pail, she proceeded to stuff the crotch of the wet pull up IN HER MOUTH! Needless to say, I grabbed it out of her mouth and put it into the diaper pail myself since it was very clear she was not going to do it even though she screamed that she wanted to. So I took her back into her room and told her she needed to put a pull up or panties on. She screamed no and I left her in the room again. After about 10 minutes of screaming over and over that she wanted to put the pull up in the diaper pail, I went back in and told her that I was taking away Diego until she put on bottoms. She chased me down the hallway and at this point I decided I'd had it and Jason came in for backup. I sat and sipped my coffee listening to the battle raging above me. In this battle and in her continued refusal she had her dollhouse taken away AND her CD player before she finally relented and asked Jason to help her put on her fresh pull up. So she'll have to earn those things back.

I think this is the difference between the 2's and the 3's. While they both have tantrums over completely mundane things, the 3 year old tantrum lasts MUCH longer and escalates much quicker. This entire affair lasted about an hour and when she came downstairs it took her about 20 minutes to sit and recover from her exertion. So maybe that means she'll take a good nap today? But when she was recovered, she sweetly asked for some waffles for breakfast and has been on good behavior since. I think I hear them in the family room now hooking up the Vsmile that she got from SIL for Christmas. She'll be whipping our tails in no time, I'm sure.


Katie said...

Wow. Caroline is really testing your limits. Stay strong!

Bracken said...

I am impressed:> Stay strong!