Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Quick Big Update

I think it's safe to say that we have turned a corner in the potty training of Miss Caroline. She has had 3 days in a row with DRY underwear! Even through naps! Even on a day w/ the ILs where she usually doesn't do as well. Believe me, I'm not expecting her to never have an accident again, but I think something has really changed in her mind. I think the 2 biggest challenges we still have to overcome though are night time and being out in public since public toilets scare her. I've gotten her to go a few times out at public restrooms, but I don't know if she's not in a comfortable environment if she'll think to go. So I'll be packing dry clothes for her for a while I guess. But great news for her (and us) and I'm so very proud of her. Even if she does still insist from time to time to use her potty chair instead of the big toilet. (Who knows why!)

Here's a picture of my big girl making her "precious" face for me:

Oh and here's a picture of B tonight after ziti - it took Jay 5 hairwashings to get it all out of B's hair!

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Katie said...

Congrats to Caroline!!!! Woo hoo!

and Bryce--- whoa!!!!