Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Purple Rant

Okay, so supposedly this Friday around Baltimore is "Purple Friday" where everyone in the city is supposed to wear purple and get psyched about the Ravens playing in a playoff game the next day. We got notified at work that wearing purple was encouraged too. So it's not just the Ravens franchise trying to psych up people, it's the entire administration of the metropolitan area.

So here's my rant. Why in the world are we so excited about this? I remember 6 years ago when we played in the Superbowl and everyone getting excited and purple - but that was when we were IN the Superbowl. This is just the 2nd round of the playoffs. And that's even if you really care about professional football. I say, save it for the weeks ahead - if they have weeks ahead. (Okay, I'm a skeptic.) I say it all has to do with commercialism and selling all that annoying Ravens gear. (Even if they make it to the Superbowl, I still won't be wearing the purple, btw.)

And before you jump on my back about being some typical woman who doesn't like football or understand it, know this....Sure, maybe I don't know all the penalties and nuances of the game, but I understand what's going on when I watch a game and don't have to ask my husband if that's a home run or a foul shot. (Yes, I know that's baseball and basketball.) I do like to watch MD football during the college football season - I really can't get into non-ACC games - but that's just where my interest lies. I have a really hard time supporting professional sports and all the money that they generate and the really "positive" behavior shown by all the professional athletes. Especially since most of them are traded around and around and play for one team one year and another another year and we're supposed to stand behind them just because they're wearing my team's colors this year when last year they were the anti-Christ because they were on the opposing team. I just don't get it. But professional sports and I just don't get along. I highly prefer NCAA, although they're not always better behaved, but at least they generally stay with one team.

I also don't get how a playoff berth or championship brings all this supposed pride to a city. Almost none of the players come from Baltimore and most of them won't even play their entire career here. We're basically just cheering for the purple and white uniforms that they are wearing. Right?

So this Saturday, I will be wearing RED. I'm going to the MD/Clemson basketball game to cheer for a team that I can really get behind. A team that cares about the school and about the other students cheering them on. Yeah, maybe they hope to get to the NBA someday, but right now they are playing for their school and THAT is something I will change my wardrobe for.


Katie said...

It's a big deal because they are playing the Colts. I'm not a Baltimorean, but even I remember that snowy day when the Colts were ripped away in secret. Everyone hated that old owner b/c he was a jerk. Even though this is only a second round playoff game, people are riled up b/c this is the first time in over 10 years? that the Colts have returned to Baltimore. Just a little football history for ya' & that's the reason for all the excitement.

Erika said...

Yeah, I know all that too. I guess it's just all part of how little I care about professional sports. And there are barely any of the original Colts staff left from 1984 (let alone no players left) so I don't get it. Once again, we're just cheering or booing the uniforms.