Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh the RAIN!

This has been the rainiest winter I can remember and we're only about 3 weeks in. Although I guess it's better than it being all snow. But if we were getting as much snow as we are rain right now, maybe I'd get a snow day or something. But this dreary, gray, rainy weather is really getting to me. It makes it darker longer in the morning and it makes it so hard for me to feel awake. This morning I just feel like I'm semi-conscious. I'm tired of running in and out of the car with the kids and them getting wet too. At least we have a nice garage so putting them into their carseats is nice and dry and I have a nice garage at work (and a very short scamper from the garage to my building) so the exposure to the rain is very small, but I'm just tired of it. Blah blah blah. Rain rain go away!!!


Katie said...

On days like this, I really wish we had a house with a garage. I am just hoping to avoid getting a headache today. Dreary & Rainy = Migraine for me.

Amanda said...

Can I go home and put on my pj's and go back to bed?

Bracken said...

We had the rain yesterday but today is sunny so I wish a sunny day for you tomorrow:> I was sooooo lazy yesterday with the bad weather!